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5 Ways to Save Money After Christmas

Posted By: on January 1, 2013

As most shoppers know, spending money on Christmas gifts can sometimes put a ding in the family budget. But there are plenty of ways that the average shopper can get themselves back on track after the holidays by learning some tricks to save money.

First, it never hurts to look at the numerous after-Christmas specials and sales that go on in nearly every retailer after the holidays. Retailers often want to make up the revenue that they may not have made during the Christmas shopping season, or they want to try to get new customers or retain old ones. So it helps to go shopping during these sales to stock up on Christmas decorations, lights, or candles for next year. For those who know what their friends and family might want for gifts the next Christmas, it may even be possible to buy those gifts ahead of time.

It is also a good idea to look at stores that offer toy clearances to make way for new merchandise. Stocking up on toys during this time can provide birthday and other gifts all year long, and it is always a benefit to get these items on clearance.

Buying winter clothing after Christmas can be beneficial to the family budget, as well. Many of these items go on clearance at this time since retailers want to clear their racks to get ready for spring selections, and it is the perfect opportunity to buy warm flannels or winter outerwear to get through the next two winter months.

Shopping online at retailers that give cash back rebates is a new way for people wanting to make the most of their purchasing power to do so. Various websites are set up to pay people for shopping at certain retailers. These sites offer all of the convenience of shopping at home at large, well-known retail chains, with the added bonus of being able to earn cash back with every item bought. It may be worth it to simply take advantage of the sales with this method instead of heading out to the brick-and-mortar stores.

Those who like the idea of shopping for luxury items without the price tag can also take advantage of sales and promotions offered by these stores. Many of these luxury stores have special couponing deals or promotional codes that are open to everyone who simply uses their site to help them clear out old retail. For instance, with the Nordstrom Promotional Code, shoppers can find deals on luxury brand items anywhere from 55 to 75 percent off the original price simply by logging onto a special site and clicking to get the promotional deal. People who participate can also get free shipping on their items.

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