3 Things to Love About Mexican Culture

Posted By: on October 10, 2013

Mexico’s culture has a rich history steeped in family values, religion, customs, and traditions. As testimony to its growing popularity, people relocate to Mexico for a variety of reasons — some professional, some personal.

In many instances, it’s because they genuinely appreciate the culture and what it has to offer. Here are just three Mexican cultural touchpoints that intrigue visitors.

1. Slow down and smell the tequila

Generally speaking, the pace of Mexican life is slower than it is in the US and Britain … and more similar to the Latin cultures of Europe. While frustrating to some upon arrival, once you understand this condition is part of the Mexican way of life, you begin to relax into it and adjust to its calmer rhythms.

And the more you invest in acclimating to the differences, the more receptive the native Mexicans will be toward you.

If you come to Mexico from a fast-paced, “customer-driven” lifestyle and expect efficiency and punctuality … you’ll need to adjust. But it’s easier than you think to become a convert.

2. All is not black & white

Differing from other cultures where absolutes are more the norm, there are no black-and-white situations in Mexico — and this is part of its charm. While you can request a commitment from those who live there, it’s not necessarily the type of agreement you’d encounter back home.

There’s a saying that in Mexico, “yes means no and no means maybe.” This is an insight into how Mexicans regard the concept of truth.

After living in the country for a while, you’ll understand that issues and situations are not as clear cut as you might like them to be. Nonetheless, most people come to accept and appreciate the subtleties of the many shades of gray.

3. People are welcome

Mexicans are extremely warm, friendly, and hospitable. Throughout the country and even in large metro areas like Mexico City, they’re known to welcome visitors with “open arms.”

Mexican people love foreign lands, and they love to hear and learn about different people, cultures, and places. In turn, they’re very proud of their heritage, but are just as interested in tooting their own horns about their history and accomplishments.

And while they admit there’s much that could make Mexico better — they may even criticize their own country themselves — Mexicans are truly patriotic and proud of what their country has achieved.

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Like the US, Mexico is a melting pot. For many of the reasons mentioned here, Americans, Canadians, Britons, Germans, and Japanese are among the citizens from other countries who have happily moved to Mexico to enjoy its culture and distinctive character.

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