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24 Ways to Give The Finger

Posted By: on December 2, 2009

Here are the results from a survey of how different people flip the bird… Ok, so maybe there was no science involved and it’s really just a collection of people giving the finger however they felt like doing it at the time.

1.) Present it as if it were a golden shrine for people to worship

giving the finger

2.) Have fun with it and point it in all directions

kid giving the middle finger

3.) Let someone know, “You will never get this…”

middle finger girl

4.) Practice by giving yourself the finger in the mirror

girl giving the finger

5.) Tell the people what you think of their approval ratings

george bush middle finger

6.) While wearing a green shirt in front of a yellow wall

little middle finger

7.) Let the youth of America know what you think of their baggy pants

old woman giving the finger

8.) While you’re taking your pants off

middle finger girl

9.) When the paparazzi is all up in your space

celebrity giving middle finger

10.) Let a showoff know you still hate them

biker middle finger

11.) While you’re out for a drive

celebrity middle finger

12.) You could give the finger to the camera like this douche

like a douche

13.) When you can’t put it down if you tried

broken middle finger

14.) With a gun to show people you really mean it

middle finger and gun

15.) Under the table for those who are peeking

under the table middle finger

16.) Send it off with a kiss

middle finger kiss

17.) With a box on your head hanging out the window of a stolen municipal vehicle

middle finger out the window

18.) Yell while giving the finger to make it more meaningful

angry middle finger

19.) Be sneaky with it

sneaky middle finger

20.) With angel wings on

angel giving middle finger

21.) On your wedding day

wedding middle finger

22.) While showing off your perfect figure

hot middle finger

23.) Naked

naked middle finger

24.) Without showing your face

no face middle finger

38 more middle finger pics here.

4 Responses to “24 Ways to Give The Finger”

  1. verbatim says:

    if you look carefully, you can tell the George Bush image is photoshopped.

  2. C'mon! says:

    Aw c'mon!


    JP from Grandma's Boy! Best way ever.

  3. Joshua says:

    #20 is a River Clark photo ! Awesome !

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