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Evol Jess

The Most Scientifically Accurate Picnic Table on Earth

Posted By: on October 30, 2009

Ok, so it doesn’t take much for a picnic table to be scientifically accurate (whatever that means), but if it were hard to do, this one would no doubt win the Nobel Prize in its category. So sit down, get out your lunch and start memorizing atomic masses people! Of course, for more geeky-ness… kabloooooom!

periodic table of elements


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Ryan Deal

Caption Contest… with prizes!

Posted By: on October 29, 2009

Ok, so you may have read about this, but Calvin Klein is letting me give away 4 bottles of their new fragrance for men called ckfree. All you’ve got to do to enter the contest is slap a caption to this photo in the comments section below. The 4 best captions will be chosen by two random followers of the @TopCultured twitter account. For this reason, make sure you put your real email address in the comment form. Good Luck!! All captions must be submitted by Friday, November 6th, 2009.

caption contest photo

Let the captioning begin in the comments below. You may enter as many times as you’d like, just remember to include your real email address in the comment form so we can contact you if you’ve won! All captions must be submitted by Friday, November 6th, 2009.

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TopCultured Legends

If You Move, You Will Die

Posted By: on January 6, 2011

As the story goes, aliens touched down on New York City and dropped off some of their minions who were extremely flexible and talented at yelling. These are those minions and they’re pretty good at Read On »

4 Ways Your Mobile Device Can Help You Learn an Instrument

Posted By: on May 30, 2014

Learning how to read and play music is one of the best leisure activities you can take up. Not only does it improve your physical dexterity, but it can also boost your cognitive capabilities. Neurologists Read On »

Following Google Maps Leads To Accident

Posted By: on September 3, 2010

This has been a growing issue with the way we get our information. Much like the casual computer user “Googling” every single word to be able to spell it correctly. Same thing goes for getting Read On »

Ryan Deal

It’s Contest Time: Free Bottle of ckfree…

Posted By: on October 29, 2009

ckfree contest

So, I was sent a bottle of ckfree, the new men’s fragrence from Calvin Klein and I gotta say, it’s pretty nice. So I decided to test it out. On Monday, I went through my day without wearing ckfree and on Tuesday I did all the same things, except with a couple sprays of the cologne. Here are the results:

Monday: Absolutely no girls came up and talked to me or mentioned anything about the way I smell (which can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on how you look at it).

Tuesday: Exactly 1 girl mentioned that I smell nice, and, if i had the balls to go along with the ckfree, I would have continued talking to her.

So, what can be learned from this little experiment? Well, that’s easy… Wearing ckfree can get you 100% more chicks than not wearing ckfree.

The best part is that the nice folks at Calvin Klein are letting me give away 4 bottles of ckfree to TopCultured readers. All you’ve got to do is caption this photo and you’ll be entered to win, easy peasy!

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Daniel Joseph

14 Lessons Signs Taught Guys About Getting Married

Posted By: on October 29, 2009

Marriage isn’t for everyone, but if its for you, you may want to read up a bit. If I’ve learned anything in life, it’s that you can always believe what you read on a sign. So go on, read, and learn a little before you jump the broom. Here are 14 lessons signs have taught us about wives. Oh, and if you need help winding a wife… boom!

1. As your number of anniversaries go up, opportunities for sex go down

funny wife

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Dr. Intoxicated

A Comedic Look at How Drug Trials Work

Posted By: on October 29, 2009


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Ryan Deal

Just Trying to Make a Buck

Posted By: on October 28, 2009

using craigslist to make money

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10 Things the Northwest Pilots Might Have Been Doing While They Weren’t Paying Attention []

A Photo Gallery of Random Drunk Girls [Uncoached]

7 Best Maury Povich Paternity Result Reactions [Holy Taco]

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This Dog May FAIL at Skateboarding but He’s a Winner in My Book [Gorilla Mask]

**Want your link on our next list? Send them to topcultured [at] gmail [dot] com**

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Evol Jess

Pepsi Dresses Up for Halloween With Limited Edition Cans

Posted By: on October 27, 2009

Word came from the official Pepsi twitter account that the company had dressed up their cans for Halloween. The limited edition design applies to the regular Pepsi, Pepsi Max, and Diet Pepsi cans and will be sole exclusively (it seems) at Walmart. Here’s what Pepsi had to say:

“We didn’t want our cans to feel left out this Halloween, so we dressed them up, too. [sic] Look for these limited edition Pepsi cans in the Halloween Section of your local Walmart!”



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Daniel Joseph

11 “Treats” You Pray You Don’t Get on Halloween

Posted By: on October 27, 2009

Halloween rules! Free candy, hot girls dressing provocatively, and costume parties. Sometimes however, the costume parties suck, ugly girls trick you by dressing all hot, and neighbors give out the nastiest candy on Earth. So, because of that, here they are… the 11 “treats” you pray you don’t get this Halloween.

1. Goddamn Good & Plenty – What kid wants to put a piece of poisoned plastic in their mouth? Answer: none. Also, why name your candy “Good & Plenty” when most people think its gross and offensive?

good and plenty


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Dr. Intoxicated

Behind The Box: The Scariest Cereal Mascots Ever

Posted By: on October 26, 2009


There has always been a section of the cereal aisle I have never dared to go. A section dominated solely by the most evil cereals, cereals forged by the spoon of Satan himself.  Now I have never been a superstitious individual, I own a black cat, I step on cracks, and I have repeated the name Tyler Perry three times which I’ve been told makes Tyler Perry release another atrocious movie (maybe I should stop that just in case).  But some taboos you just don’t violate (like this one), better safe than sorry. Here are some examples:

1. Never feed a Mogwai after midnight,

2. Never step on a butterfly if you end up traveling back in time

3. Never marry Barbara Streisand, and

4. Never mess with the occult before lunch

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Dutch Mechanic

That’s a Bad Place for a Sticker

Posted By: on October 25, 2009

Something tells me that whoever was in charge of putting stickers on the front of this paper wasn’t really thinking clearly. That or they weren’t really paying attention. Either way, I’m pretty sure this was supposed to read, “Heat of the Night.” Big mistake.

bad sticker placement

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