15 of the Most Outragious and Fun Office Pranks

Posted By: on November 4, 2013

It’s important to have a job, but sometimes work can become too stressful. What you need is a way to lighten up and have fun in the office.

Here are 15 outrageous and funny office pranks that may help to lighten the mood.

1. Renovate your coworker’s desk

One of the most hilarious pranks is to completely redecorate a coworker’s desk and cubicle. If he’s a male, you might decorate his work space in pink colors and little fluffy bunnies. You can even change the screensaver on the computer to something feminine as well. You should both have a big laugh from this one.

2. The Justin Bieber Fan

Tape pictures of Justin Beiber all over your friend’s desk and cubicle. This should be hilarious unless the person really is a Beiber fan.

3. Post ‘em!

Cover your boss or coworker’s office in Post-It notes. The look on his or her face will be priceless.

4. Bull Horn

One of the most hilarious pranks is taping a bullhorn beneath an office chair. When someone tries to adjust the chair, the bull horn will sound and startle them. If this prank doesn’t make them laugh, it may make them very angry. You should’t play this prank on someone with a heart condition.

5. Voice activation

A fun prank consists of taping notes to copy machines, supposedly from corporate, that say “All copy machines are voice activated and work best when you use a soft soothing voice.” Capture this on tape and everyone watching will roll with laughter.

6. The paperclip

If you tape a paperclip to a piece of paper and make about 20 copies, you are in for a laugh. Take the 20 copies and insert them back in with the blank copy paper and you will make people go crazy trying to figure out where the paper clip is that keeps showing up on their documents.

7. The shaving cream prank

Put shaving cream underneath the top of the office desk, and as it melts it will drip down on your coworker’s legs when he or she sits down.

8. Wrapping paper

Try covering your coworker’s cubicle completely in wrapping paper, then wait to see their reaction.

9. Special business cards

When your coworker is not looking, take a handful of his business cards and write really embarrassing phrases on the back of them. Replace the business cards and wait for him to pass them out. This is mean, but very funny.

10. Remote-controlled farts

Use this gadget by planting it underneath a chair or table during an interview.

11. Auto-correct

If you are good with computers, you can go in and change your friend’s name and other information so the auto-correct automatically keep changing his or her name.

12. Snack time

When your coworker leaves for break or to go to the bathroom, dump hundreds of bags of chips onto his desk. He may be less than amused but it will be very funny for everyone else.

13. Watering down

When your coworker is gone, cover the surface of the floor and the desk with cups of water. This prank is very confusing and amusing.

14. The door bell

A good prank is to hide a wireless doorbell in your friend’s cubicle. Every so often ring the bell. This will frustrate and confuse the person for quite some time.

15. Stuck on you

Try this one! Tape your coworker’s pen to his desk and watch her go crazy trying to lift the pen from the desk.

Yes, work can be frustrating but with the right prank, you can make work a fun place. If your prank requires the application of slippery or sticky material onto office floors and other surfaces, make sure to have all surfaces cleaned afterward to avoid causing damage to office property.

Play pranks, but play safely and responsibly.

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