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13 Awesome Ways To Trick Out Your MacBook

Posted By: on October 14, 2009

MacBooks are designed to be sexy on their own, but when everyone you know has one, you’ve gotta separate yourself from the pack. Here are 13 awesome ways to do that using vinyl decals. Oh, and here are some other awesome Apple mods.

1. Space Invaders Forever

apple space invaders

2. Snow White and the 7 Macbooks

snow white macbook

3. Television Turn-on

turn ont he tv

4. Squirrels are to Nuts as ________ are to Carrots

Squirrel macbook

5. I’m Gonna Get You, Sucker

fish bowl macbook

6. Music Makes You Lose Control

boombox macbook

7. Oh, I’m sorry! Did I break your concentration?

Jules macbook

8. Audiophile

audiophile macbook

9. Fit For A King

gold macbook

10. Apple and Cross Bones

apple and cross bones

11. Mr. Roboto

robot macbook

12. I Wouldn’t Eat That if I Were You

witch macbook

13. I Am From The Future

robotic macbook

Some of these available here.

5 Responses to “13 Awesome Ways To Trick Out Your MacBook”

  1. Had my macbook done will Full Colour, Print/cut vinyl.. http://twitpic.com/i3aej

    It was done at http://www.parksign.com

  2. Mark PLSTK says:

    Those are coo.. but my boy's custom woodgrain macbook skins still kills it…


  3. Kooker says:

    The "Snow White" one is the best. The black one looks pretty cool as well.

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