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Ryan Deal

10 High Fives or The Best Day You’ve Had All Day

Posted By: on October 16, 2009

As a high-five connoisseur, i gotta say, this is going to be a good day, I can feel it. I can also see it, in the form of high-fives. In fact, here are 10 high fives to give you the best day you’ll have all day. High-Five!

free high fives

internet high five

high five instructions

high five escalator


high five sign

we want to give you a high five

huge high five

free high five

cyanide and happiness high five

And even though this is creepy as hell, Jesus is in it, so it rules:

funny high five

20 Responses to “10 High Fives or The Best Day You’ve Had All Day”

  1. matt d says:

    i totally had the "place hand here" high 5 like a bazillion years ago, it was probably 99 or so… so very lame, it was my real hand too, not a silhouette

  2. Guffo says:

    That is Freakazoid High Fiving Jesus at the end. Fantastic.

  3. Boris says:

    awesomeness!!! The high-five with Rob gave me a smile.

    I'll repost the picture in my blog. Don't worry I'll credit this post :)

  4. Kriztov says:

    That's Freakazoid that Jesus is high fiving.

  5. BigDumbYak says:

    Is that Freakazoid in the last pic??

  6. Trae says:

    That last one was Freakazoid giving Jesus a High Five! Thats awesome!! Freakazoid was an awesome cartoon. Need that on bluray!

  7. awesome, a good high 5 can set the day off just right

  8. illeaturfamily says:

    is that jesus giving a mannequin a high five in the last pic?

  9. Wow it would have been nice for you to link to the sources of these images!

  10. Ryan Deal says:

    @Improv thanks for pointing that out, most of these were sent to me without a source, if i had known i would have definitely added it. Adding it now!!

  11. Josh says:

    High five to this post!

  12. Jim says:

    You mean they're giving them away? Best price I've seen is 50 cents. Without question, Rob is the man.

  13. adelloodel says:

    LOVE IT! :D

  14. :)) nice collection :) tx for making me smile.

    Helmuts from Maidstone, UK

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