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An “Especial” Collaboration

Posted By: on September 2, 2014

As part of a video series showcasing craftsmen and their skills, Modelo Especial focuses on collaboration between artisans. Metalworkers, tattoo artists and street artists have come together to discuss their definition of craftsmanship. Garry Alderman of Method Bicycle, tattoo artist Big Sleeps, and famed street artists Daniel Lahoda, Zimad, Sego, and Joe Ficalora, founder of The
Bushwick Collective all share their insight into what makes a craftsman great. Check it out:

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Passion for Life

Posted By: on September 1, 2014

Is your life lived outside the lines? Do you have dreams and ideas outside of the norm? Then you’re living the spirit of Sailor Jerry. Norman “Sailor Jerry” Collins dedicated his life to the pursuit of his dream. Sailor Jerry rum is a direct result of that dedication. Be a visionary and live an extraordinary life. Check out the video and visit the site for more information.

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TopCultured Legends

Y U So Sad Earth?

Posted By: on September 20, 2011

I Have Humans… (via: 9GAG)

How Businesses Generate Big Profits From Warehousing Software

Posted By: on February 3, 2014

The key to keeping a business that carries inventory running smoothly is organization. Warehousing software keeps a running record of the number of items currently in stock, as well as orders and deliveries. This format Read On »

Gillette Thinks: You Should Kiss and Tell

Posted By: on January 22, 2013

  Gillette wants us all to be a little happier by kissing more. In this amusing documentary, the history and current lack of make-out sessions in the world is tackled, and solutions are pursued. If Read On »

Get The Right Lawyer For Your Case

Posted By: on August 30, 2014

When it comes to having your day in court and winning, you don’t want just any lawyer. You want a lawyer who has won your type of case. Complex cases such as ERISA and SSA disability claims are only mastered by a few lawyers, and even fewer of them have high rates of winning their client’s cases. You want to make sure you find a lawyer with extensive knowledge on both of the above topics. Settling on a lawyer who has won a vast amount of cases, gives you a greater chance of a positive outcome.

Identify Great References

You will find that satisfied clients don’t hesitate to recommend the firm that helped them win their case to their closest friends and family. A law firm, which has a huge archive of testimonials is also an indication of just how much it has helped people.

ERISA and SSA Claims

ERISA stands for Employee Retirement Income Security Act, and it is often used when referring to the laws about benefit plans for employees. Whether you want to file for a long or short term ERISA or SSA disability claim, remember that a firm can manage your case best if you consult them before filing. Law firms, which specialize in these subjects also handle cases of related topics such as disability insurance claims, long term care claims and retirement claims specific to the state in which you reside. They will sit down with you and carry out the consultation absolutely free of charge. In fact, you don’t have to pay them at all unless they win your case.

A Good Firm Will Make Your Life Easier

You may already be battling the effects of old age, the injury that has caused your disability or financial problems due to your predicament. The added burden of worrying about whether your lawyer can get the job done is one you won’t have to concern yourself with if you start out by choosing a good firm. One trait of a good firm is that it shows its clients genuine care and attentiveness. They will keep you up-to-date every step of the way, so you always know how your case is progressing.

Don’t Worry About Your Location

With many of these types of law firms, your location is not an issue. Some firms, though they are based in a single state, have won thousands of Social Security cases all over the US. There are also those, which have won cases concerning every major disability carrier in the nation and recovered millions of dollars for their clients. Today, more than ever, winning these types of claims is becoming more rare. Companies and firms often don’t want to pay out because finances are tight, but the bottom line is, you deserve compensation.

So if you are in a situation where it seems like you won’t get the compensation you deserve or there is no one suitable to handle your case, then look for a firm with the attributes mentioned above. It doesn’t matter if you have tried your case and you have been denied because a good firm knows all the angles to work to get a better outcome for you. You can begin by visiting the firm’s website, and filling out a form so you can get a free consultation.

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Simplify Your Life with Divorce Mediation

Posted By: on August 29, 2014


When people take the steps towards divorce or separation, it can be a very stressful time both emotionally and financially. According to this blog, mediation for divorcing couples that takes place out of court can reduce strain as well as costs. Each spouse gets personal support and advice while working towards an acceptable conclusion.

What is Divorce Mediation?

Mediation is a process in which two people get help from a third person to work out their differences. In the case of divorce, the mediator helps each party communicate and negotiate, but doesn’t make their decisions. The divorcing or legally separating parties get help with the parenting and financial complexities involved. The atmosphere is always of mutual understanding and respect so that each party’s concerns are heard.

What Does the Mediator Do?

The mediator will allow each party to speak without interruption and make sure they are on the same page about the precise details of the process. Many questions arise at the time of a divorce, and a professional mediator will be able to answer the questions and achieve a resolution that is acceptable to both parties. The mediator will take the time to explain all the legal issues to each party and make sure the issues are clearly understood before the person makes any decisions.

When the process is complete, the mediator will prepare appropriate court documents relating to financial details, legal details, and the care of minor children, which will save the divorcing parties costly court fees and legal expenses. The mediator will also do his or her best to resolve issues as quickly and inexpensively as possible.

In some cases, the mediator will meet separately with each spouse and act as a go-between while presenting the other person’s concerns. In other cases, the mediator meets the spouses together where communication is more direct. The method will depend on the particular couple. They can discuss the options with the mediator and decide how to proceed.

Some couples can amicably agree on the terms of their divorce and only need assistance preparing the legal documents. An out-of-court mediator can also do this. Some of the issues that are handled by a mediator for a divorcing or legally separating couple are:

• Child support document preparation

• Family business distribution document preparation

• Trusts and wills

• Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (QDROs)

• Paternity

• Prenuptial

• Post-nuptial

What to Expect?

A divorcing couple can expect in-person expert guidance through all aspects of the divorce process. A good mediator will give a free consultation to help you understand the issues. Mediators are law and psychology experts with the ability to handle stressful, unhappy spouses. You’ll always feel you have the support of your mediator and never need to go to court.

If you and your spouse have basically agreed on your divorce settlement, a mediator can review your situation and make sure you haven’t missed anything important. You don’t require in-person contact, and everything can be handled by phone, email or video-conferencing. However, if you require it, you’ll also get live-person support. All of your court documents will be prepared, and you’ll never go to court.

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The Most Important Relationships That Don’t Get Enough Attention

Posted By: on August 28, 2014

You know date nights with your other half are important, that your parents love hearing from you now and then, and that carving out “friends only” time without significant others is crucial. However, you have a lot more relationships than you realize and some of your professional ones are chronically neglected. Just like any other relationship, it takes effort to make the most out of them. Even when you’re paying someone to be in this “relationship” or vice versa, you can’t let cash transactions alone set the mood.

Every relationship in your life will benefit from a little more time and care. This means you’ll also benefit. Here are some of the most important relationships you have going on that are in need of TLC. Focus on each one and discover what a little doting can do.

1. Your doctor(s)

Ideally, you have a general physician, dermatologist, chiropractor and maybe a naturopathic doctor if it’s covered with your insurance policy. You might also have an acupuncturist and massage therapist. That’s a lot of medical professionals who want the best for your well-being. Go to those recommended checkups, schedule an appointment even if you just suspect something’s amiss, and be open when talking to them. You’ll only benefit.

2. Your attorney

Even if you don’t have an attorney on retainer, you should have an attorney that you’ve met with and who’s number is easily accessible. You never know when you’ll need a good attorney, and scrambling madly for one in an emergency is no way to secure the right match for you. Research your options and check in with your “chosen one” on a semi regular basis.

3. Your trainer

Whether it’s a personal trainer, the leader of your favorite gym class, the head of your running group or your yoga instructor, this person also wants the best for your well-being. Whether you’re paying (extra) for their services or not, many are also happy to share their wisdom just because they love what they do. Take advantage of this.

4. Your CPA

Most adults could benefit from a “real” CPA and not a DIY tax software kit or pop up shops that don’t have full-time accountants. Taxes are extremely difficult, always changing and the vast majority of Americans don’t make the most of their write-offs. A good relationship requires checking in throughout the year, not just in April.

Spend a little more time on all the professional relationships in your life. You’ll be surprised at how beneficial it can be.


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Are Passive House Standards a Good Investment for My New Zealand Home?

Posted By: on August 27, 2014


What is Passive House?

Passive House is the most stringent set of building design standards in the world. Buildings that meet the Passive House standard can use at least 80 percent less energy than conventional building designs. In addition to this extraordinary savings in energy, these buildings have much higher indoor air quality and more even distribution of heat.

How is a Passive House Built?

Passive House certified buildings decrease energy loss through air-tight construction, energy efficient windows and well-placed insulation while utilizing free energy sources such as sunlight and solar heat trapped on roofs. This drastically reduces the amount of heat or cooling needed to maintain indoor comfort, thus reducing operational costs, pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

What Factors are Considered in the Passive House Design?

  • Passive House Projects require a climate specific design in order to achieve maximum efficiency. The environment must be assessed for humidity, weather extremes and general energy consumption in each geographic location.

  • Well insulated windows and doors help to eliminate the nearly one-third of a building’s total heat loss as opposed to standard building designs. Window and door areas are limited and must meet standards of air tightness and solar heat gain.

  • Building envelopes are required to be airtight as well, while insulation strategies focus on reducing heating and cooling losses through the roof, floors and walls.

  • Ventilation must be specially designed to combat the buildup of stale, moist air in these completely airtight buildings. According to this article, 1/3 of New Zealand’s kiwi invironments have mould and dampness issues. The use of heat transfer systems in a Passive House combats this problem while regulating indoor air temperatures and providing the cleanest indoor air possible.

  • Finally, these homes don’t need conventional heating systems, so most Passive House buildings use a mini-split heat pump in combination with the existing heat gains of the home’s occupants, lights and electrical appliances.

Is There a Downside?

When compared to the cost of typical, wasteful suburban tract housing, this building model is more expensive per square foot, but as the movement gains traction building methods will become more efficient while supplies become more affordable. In addition, Passive House design requires a much smaller heating system resulting in significant upfront savings for this particular expense. With these savings and potential improvements in mind, it is possible that Passive House design will actually become more affordable than standard design in the not too distant future.

For now, the short-term expense of this high standard is returned over time through energy savings and a healthier environment, both indoor and out. The Empowerhouse design has achieved energy costs of nearly $0 by adding renewable energy sources such as solar panels and solar water heaters. The cost of building an Empowerhouse is around $250,000. The design has been picked up by Habitat for Humanity which is currently building several of these homes for families in need. It is an ambitious design to undertake, but it’s difficult to see a downside with a building design that is capable of achieving nearly non-existent energy bills and passing these savings on to future generations as well.

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Differentiating Between Displaying Goods and Effective Merchandising

Posted By: on August 26, 2014

Shoppers are visually attracted to merchandise that is both creatively promoted, and attractively displayed. While the most important reason for business owners to differentiate between displaying goods and truly effective merchandising is profit, there are three primary benefits to accomplishing the task, including successful conversion, customer comfort and shopper loyalty.

Successful conversion

Turning browsers into buyers occurs when shoppers are inspired to own popular goods that their peers are purchasing. Merchandising is much more than arranging products for sale, it’s all about:

  • Clear signage

  • Appealing presentation; and

  • Gaining customers attention

When a customer can visually identify the location of a brand, it allows them the opportunity to approach a display quickly and select a product they may be interested in buying. When products are presented attractively, it’s more difficult for shoppers to pass-by without considering the purchase. Gaining customers attention can be an effective marketing tactic because it welcomes them into the store, keeps them engaged and interested while shopping and fulfills the shopper’s desire to buy.

Customer comfort

Comfortable customers enjoy lingering longer and can take advantage of being immersed in a brand experience. Shoppers get a sense of belonging when they physically spend time in shops that are designed with them in mind. Store appearance and ambiance helps generate new customers, establish existing shopper loyalty and provides a setting for those shopping alongside another to relax and allow their partner to spend time making purchases. Marketing has a considerable branding component to it, now more than ever, which makes shopper loyalty the third, key benefit in effective merchandising.

Shopper loyalty

Creating shopper loyalty isn’t acheived overnight. There are certain aspects that keep customers coming back which include:

  • Customer incentives

  • Product awareness; and

  • Reputation

 An excellent example of how merchandising correlates to product awareness, reputation and shopper loyalty is recognizable when visualizing some of the world’s most popular brands. What these brands all have in common is the way that they are presented to consumers. According to this site, iconic brand retail displays encourage customers to recall products they’re interested in purchasing, by thinking about how the products were tangibly available for them to pick-up. Further, when it comes to kiosks, stands and necessary fixtures to display and merchandise products, such components contribute to the overall look, feel and shopping experience of each brand, making them as valuable as the actual products in some cases.

The difference between effective merchandising and simply displaying goods comes down to the way buyers interpret the sales effort. Products displayed with purpose, and retailers that merchandise effectively, contribute to shopper attitudes about products and enhance the buyers experience by adding perceived value. Incorporating purposeful strategy gets buyers engaged with the products that sellers are promoting and creates a continued desire to acquire additional products down the road. Effective merchandising equals loyal customers and increased revenues every time.

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Cleveland’s Hottest Celebration

Posted By: on August 25, 2014

It’s getting hot in here, but keep your clothes on. “Hot in Cleveland” has reached the 100 episode milestone. To celebrate, they’re giving away $100 and a signed script. To enter, send your congratulatory message to Make sure to tune in August 27th at 10/9C to see the show and learn if you’ve won.

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Process for Hiring Full-Service Moving Companies

Posted By: on August 24, 2014

Moving companies need to take advantage of the Internet in order to attract as many local customers as possible. Professional websites for movers should be developed with a direct call to action on all of the services offered, including storage.

Online Promotions on Moving Company Websites

When relocating, people heavily rely on using the Internet to find local moving companies by using virtual directories and search engines. The process of scanning through bulky printed business directories is quickly phasing out. According to this website, moving companies usually feature authentic customer reviews. Website visitors have the chance to read unbiased feedback from previous customers. Each review for the moving company is often dated and electronically signed with at least the first name of the individual.

All special promotional offers are clearly displayed on the home page of a moving company. For example, deals such as cheap first month’s rates on storage can be prominently displayed on a landing page. For an immediate reply to special moving service promotions, it’s a good idea for customers to call a phone number that operates throughout most of the day. Direct calls are convenient because some customers might not want to fill out any online forms and wait just to get some simple responses about basic moving inquiries.

Checklist for Hiring a Mover

Consumers should not settle down for the first moving company that’s discovered online or through other methods like recommendation from friends. Following a simple checklist for hiring the best mover can save some money and time. All information that’s presented on a website should be verified by directly calling a moving company. Outdated content on websites is often left on neglected web pages that aren’t properly administered by small local moving companies. A final accurate estimate on moving services is done after a staff member visits a home. Customers shouldn’t trust any moving company estimates that are given over the phone or online. After an estimate is given, it’s a good idea to sign an agreement to lock in the given rate when the moving day comes. Customers also have the right to request to see the fleet of a moving company. False advertising on websites sometimes occurs, so it’s a good idea to make sure that a mover actually has trucks and vans.

Insuring the Moving Process

Reliable moving companies always offer some sort of insurance that protects the possessions of clients. A full value protection plan essentially covers the cost of replacement for any items that are damaged during the moving process. If applicable, repairs could also be covered on damaged possessions such as appliances or electronics. A released value insurance plan covers only a specific sum per unit weight of an item. For example, this protection could include a one dollar reimbursement for every pound of items transported by a moving company. Some insurance companies also carry liability plans that cover any expenses such as damage to a home or apartment as a direct result of the moving process.

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3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Change Your Personal Style for a Relationship

Posted By: on August 22, 2014

Maintaining a relationship involves a certain amount of give and take. But you shouldn’t feel compelled to sacrifice your personal sense of style just because your partner wants you to.

It’s important to think very carefully about alterations to your image: Are you adopting a look that appeals solely to your partner, even if it makes you uncomfortable?

Here are three central factors to consider when it comes to maintaining a relationship that clashes with your individual look.


Partners in a relationship should have the freedom to exercise style without impediment. In fact, your style plays a strong role in building identity.

Your choices with regard to hairstyle, skin care, and clothing are a form of self-expression, and you shouldn’t be asked to give them up. If a partner tries to control the way you express yourself through style, you have to ask yourself: What else will that person try to control?

Listen carefully to what your partner is requesting first, before you jump to any conclusions. Take suggestions into consideration, but be extremely wary of anyone who demands that you change the way you look.


Your approach to beauty and style is unique — at least it should be — and it certainly plays a role in attraction. If your partner urges you to make a wardrobe or hairstyle change, think about the implications behind the request.

Is he or she urging you to adopt a style that’s similar to other people at your workplace or in your neighborhood? The urge to conform can be extremely powerful, and it might even drive someone to ask a partner to alter his or her appearance.

But is the change actually worth it? If you’re satisfied with your own look, then continue to express yourself.


It can be a major warning sign if your partner is trying to exercise control over your personal sense of style. Sit down with your significant other and talk about the expectations in play.

If your style hasn’t bothered this person before, find out what’s changed. Make it clear that you expect a certain degree of individual freedom when it comes to your style and beauty regimen.

You should be able to care for your skin, hair, and wardrobe in the way that you best see fit. Don’t bend to unrealistic expectations harbored by your partner.

People constantly express their individuality through clothing, makeup, and beauty products. If your partner becomes overbearing with regard to your choice of fashion, then it’s time to have a talk about relationship expectations.

You should always feel empowered to make the choices that are right for you.

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