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4 Reasons To Increase Broadband Speeds

Posted By: on February 20, 2015

internet speed

Net neutrality is an idea that, although it has been championed for decades, was given its current form only in the early 2000s by a Columbia University law professor. In short form, it simply states that everyone should have equal access to the information highway, and not be subject to limitations that would otherwise be imposed by class or other situation.

The Federal Communications Commission has always been behind this one hundred percent, and has recently submitted a codified proposal for precisely this kind of open Internet, with the help of Internet service providers. In the coming months, the ramifications of this will become clear, but there are already some very good reasons why an increase in broadband speeds benefits consumers tremendously.

  1. To Become Competitive with Other Nations

According to Fabián E. Bustamante, a professor of computer science at Northwestern University, the United States is currently not competitive with first-world places like London and Paris when it comes to broadband availability in the 25-50 Mbps range. The service is available; but at over double – in some cases, almost triple – the prices paid by the French and English populations. Primarily, households with an income double the national average enjoy true net neutrality with broadband Internet at these elevated bandwidths.

  1. Open the Way for Innovation

Some of the most successful tech inventions and start-ups owe their success to the principles of net neutrality. Facebook, for example, was started by a young college student at Harvard, and much of the access he needed would not have been possible with low bandwidth and other restrictions associated with a sub-par Internet connection. Even now, there’s certainly a child somewhere in the nation with an idea that may revolutionize the way people interact online, and he or she will benefit from adequate broadband speeds.

  1. Maximizing Business Performance

Slow connection speeds reduce the effectiveness of any business that’s reliant on technology – which is all of them. If employees have to compete for fast broadband services, then productivity and efficiency decrease. The more employees there are, vying for time on the same network, then the more important a robust delivery service becomes.

In fact, having this at the office encourages employees to implement broadband services at home – so they can enjoy the same level of productivity. Quite a few businesses set up resources for their employees to work at home; in fact, many prefer to do so on sick days, or even just to get ahead.

  1. Reducing the Loads

Another reality that businesses are dealing with is the sheer availability of devices that connect to the Internet. A single person might have three or four different Internet-enabled mobile devices; these draw resources from the network and can slow it down if many people are using their devices at once. The list is growing ever larger; from tablets, notebooks, e-readers, Smartphones and even digital computer wrist-watches. At any moment, several people could be on several of these devices at once, which will ultimately tax the system and slow down the network. Higher broadband speeds delivers performance across all fields, and Internet service providers are working in conjunction with the FCC’s new rules to deliver optimal performance comparable to European nations.


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4 Ways to Make Moving Cheaper

Posted By: on February 19, 2015

Moving isn’t something most people look forward to; it can be both a hassle and a big hit to the wallet. People time and time again make the same mistakes regarding their move and often end up paying for it, whether it’s in time, money, or stress. The process, however, doesn’t have to be difficult if people avoid moving mistakes and take some simple steps to save some money.

Throw Away Unnecessary Items

Everyone has items piled up in their house or apartment that they don’t need any longer. Packing those things up and moving them along with the rest of the house is a big mistake. Prices for moving are often determined by the weight of the load, so there’s no better time to lighten up. Not only is moving the unnecessary junk a waste of money, it makes the unpacking process a huge headache. The best piece of advice is to get rid of it. Throw all those unnecessary items away or, better yet, have a garage sale, recycle or donate the items you no longer need.

Rent a Storage Unit

Renting a storage pod is a simple way to cut costs and a good way to incorporate a bit of DIY into the move. The storage unit company simply drops off the unit at the desired location, at which point the client can take their time loading it up at their convenience. When they’re done, the company picks up the unit and delivers it to the new location. It’s a great way to balance low cost with a low-hassle moving process and convenience.

Get the Right Timing

The price of moving changes during different times of the year. Moving tends to be most expensive at the beginning and end of the month as a natural extension of when leases tend to end. Certain times of the year, like the late spring and summer months, also tend to be busier and many movers get booked early. Taking plenty of time to plan for when to make the move is important so that everything will be ready and packed up, the house cleaned, and any necessary arrangements made. Allowing for plenty of time in the moving process is one of the best ways to keep things under control and stress free.

Research & Get Quotes

Moving isn’t simply throwing all the boxes into the truck and getting happily on one’s way. One of the mistakes many people make is forgetting to do thorough research on legitimate professional movers. Making sure to get a licensed mover with experience who can do the job efficiently isn’t something that should be taken lightly. Don’t just settle for the first company that comes along, either. Take the time to compare movers, getting price estimates from each one, and finding out if the contract is binding or not. Pricing is determined by many different factors including the distance being moved and the size of the house, and a company may even charge special add-on fees for additional services if they run into something unexpected. Getting all the details in place and letting the company know about them and shopping around is the best way to get the cheapest price.

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Making Your Restaurant’s Website Stand Out

Posted By: on February 18, 2015

In the current internet age, businesses of all types need top quality websites to stand out. This can be difficult for businesses in industries that typically don’t rely on high tech advertising, such as a single location restaurant. An internet search of establishments nearby will likely result in some that don’t have a website, or some whose are out of date or inadequate; obvious poor advertising in both cases. It doesn’t have to be that way, however. By following just a few tips, and perhaps getting a little help,, your restaurant’s website can shine.

Consider your Audience

According to Ilya Pozin of Forbes, the key question for all website designers should be, “Who is my audience?” For a restaurant owner, the answer is clearly the prospective diner, whether this individual is a repeat customer desiring to look at a menu or learn about specials, or a first time customer just looking for a new place to get a bite to eat. With this in mind, Pozin goes on to say that the content that goes into the website should be tailored to these individual’s interests. Thus, content such as a menu, business hours, locations, and hours would clearly have a place on any restaurant’s website. Conversely, information such as bios of the owners or chef would likely not occupy a prominent place.

Layout is Essential

Henry Jones of Web Design Ledger has some good advice for anyone designing a website; choose a website layout and stick to it. Jones recommends a simple layout, favoring what he calls a “wireframes” layout, where the main page has all of the available content listed with dividers between each and links leading to other pages. It is also important to be careful not to overcrowd any page of the website. Crowding leads to visitors not being able to find that “one thing” they are looking for, and also fosters an overwhelmed feeling which may discourage repeat visitors.

Be Careful With Color

Jones also points out that it’s important to not use too much or too little color in a website. Similar to a crowded layout, a site with too many colors can become overwhelming, yet a website without color is bland, and can reduce the amount of time a visitor spends on the site. Jones suggests that designers choose a color scheme, comprised of just a handful of colors, and stick to it throughout the website, to prevent things from getting cluttered.

Get Some Help

Designing your own website can be daunting, especially if it is not something you’ve done before.

According to the web designers at Restaurant Den, a website is one of the first sources of information and a potential customer will use it to make a decision on where to eat. For this reason, it’s incredibly important that you invest in a high-quality website, and that you seek professional help. Look for a company who can help you design and launch your site, make it attractive and appealing, and attract new visitors through search engine optimization. An investment in your website today could mean more customers in your restaurant tomorrow.

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5 Common Menopause Symptoms

Posted By: on February 17, 2015


If you are a woman, you may begin to experience some of the symptoms of menopause at a certain age. The average age for a woman to have her last period is 51. However, many women go through this change of life at an earlier time. It is important to be aware of the many symptoms that accompany this stage of life, so you can decide if hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is a good option for you.

Symptom #1: Moodiness

The depletion of hormones is sure to rear its ugly head by making your moodier than you normally are. Hormones affect all areas of your body, and this includes the brain. Many women report being easily irritated and frustrated throughout any given day.

Additionally, if you were prone to anxiety or depression earlier in life, these conditions may be intensified with menopause.

Symptom #2: Hot Flashes

If you suddenly begin to feel heat radiate throughout your body, this is known as a hot flash. For some women, these may occur multiple times per day and can be difficult to handle. Depending on the severity of the hot flash and the time of the year, you may even begin to perspire because of it.

It is common for HRT to significantly reduce hot flashes and allow you to feel more comfortable during menopause.

Symptom #3: Insomnia

It is important to get the necessary amount of sleep each night for your health and to feel your best, as well. Unfortunately, if you are going through the stages of menopause, this can be challenging to do.

Insomnia during menopause is a result of decreased estrogen and progesterone in the female body.

Symptom #4: Loss of Libido

During the later years of life for the woman can mean a loss of sex drive. This could be due to several factors that may also involve vaginal dryness that can make sex painful for some women.

The estrogen found in HRT will work to restore the sex drive and can increase the moisture in the vagina. Both of these items are important for any woman who wishes to engage more frequently in sexual intercourse.

Symptom #5: Bladder Control

This is also known as urinary incontinence and can be annoying to most women to have to deal with on a regular basis. This symptom is due to the lack of estrogen in the body which can decrease the strength of the pelvic muscles significantly. You may have better control over your bladder if you begin an HRT regimen.

Menopause doesn’t have to be such a challenging time in life. Once you can keep your symptoms under control, you can enjoy the freedom that being middle-aged may bring. Consider the benefits of HRT to help you reach this desirable point during the change of life.

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The Science Behind Bonding: Benefits of Couples’ Massage

Posted By: on February 11, 2015


While many of us understand the health results of massage – including but certainly not limited to benefits like decreased tension and better sleep – many people wonder if there are more benefits when going for couples’ massage. The answer? A resounding “yes.” Read on to learn more about the health and relationship benefits of couples’ massage.


According to marriage and family therapist Esther Boykin, couples’ massage allows each partner to let go of the past and the future, focusing intently on the present instead. Because both people are living in and enjoying the moment, their full engagement can allow them to reconnect and bring this sense of mindfulness back to the “real world.”

The comfort and safety of a massage therapist’s office provides lots of relaxation, and in the experiences of some couples, their worries virtually melt away before the massage even begins. Commitment is the cornerstone of a long, healthy, and loving relationship, and by creating opportunities for deeper connections, you and your partner can continue to establish a foundation on which to build your relationship.

Increased Affection

Dating expert Stef Safran adds to the above that massage causes the body to produce oxytocin, serotonin, and dopamine, all of which are “feel-good” hormones that increase feelings of affection. After couples’ massage, you may find that you and your beloved won’t be able to keep your hands off each other.

Better Intimacy

If you and your spouse are struggling to enjoy physical intimacy, a couples’ massage can open up an entirely new and delightful kind of bond. Because massage causes the muscles to relax, the mind can in turn relax. With a quieter mind comes less anxiety, which can help release the brakes on your intimate life. The intensity of touch you experience during a massage can also leave you and your lover wanting more right away – from each other.


The more activities you do with your partner, the better you’ll bond, according to research. If you’ve never tried couples’ massage before, the little bit of novelty can lead to closer and more rewarding levels of connection between you. Giving a gift of couples’ massage to your loved one can make you both feel happier, which helps open up the capacity to bond.

A Romantic Experience for Couples

If you and your spouse both struggle with chronic pain, tension, or general fatigue, massage can provide an excellent solution. A massage therapist is an expert on the human body and can pay extra close attention to chronic stress manifesting in muscle spasms. When two people enjoy relief from mental and physical stress together, you’ll enjoy all the positive benefits of receiving massage in addition to the intimate environment. It’s a great treat for Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, and any occasion you deem worthy.

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Sympathy Flowers and Their Symbolic Meanings

Posted By: on February 2, 2015

sympathy flowers

In times of grief and mourning, it can be hard to lessen the pain of losing a loved one. Flowers can show compassion and provide comfort to those experiencing loss. While any floral arrangement will surely be appreciated, different flowers also have different meanings. While each culture attributes different significance to each type of flower, the following are some of the most commonly accepted symbolic meanings for sympathy flowers.


A plant that represents the blossoms of spring, the hydrangea is an excellent choice for either indoors or outdoors. Hydrangeas are hardy flowers that will stay alive for a long time, as long as their soil remains moist. They represent heartfelt thanks, and can be sent in gratitude for the life of the deceased.


Appropriate for many occasions, roses of different colors have different meanings and can be a beautiful part of arranging a funeral bouquet. White roses symbolize reverence and humility, while reds and pinks convey love. Yellow roses for friends of the deceased evoke a sense of strength in close relationships, while deep crimson roses express sorrow. Choosing a bouquet of multiple flowers with a single rose communicates ongoing love and appreciation for the deceased person.


Lilies are often associated with funeral services because they evoke a sense of innocence and grace, symbolizing the restoration of the soul of the departed. White lilies are most common in their expressions of sympathy and purity.

Peace lilies offer similar meanings. For those of the Christian faith, they symbolize the Virgin Mary. Because they “die” in the winter and are then reborn again come spring, they also symbolize purity and resurrection.


Gladioli also come in multiple colors and generally comprise the basis of funeral flower arrangements, because they can be positioned in a fan spray. Regardless of the color of the gladiolus, it can symbolize sincerity, strength, and integrity. This flower evokes both the character of the deceased and the strength and love of those who are grieving.


When choosing between orchids, it’s best to err on the side of whites and pinks, which are traditional sympathy colors. The orchid also represents love. While these plants have a reputation for being a little finicky, they’re actually not difficult to care for and can prove to be a robust, long-lasting gift for the family or friends of the deceased.

Speaking Without Words

The grieving process can present times of difficulty communicating. When words aren’t enough, flowers can say everything you need to express. If you’re not sure what you want to say, it’s always a good idea to talk to a florist to learn more about the meaning of each flower and how they speak to each other when arranged in certain ways.


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Roofing Safely

Posted By: on February 1, 2015

roofing safely

Does your home need a new roof? If you’re a homeowner, chances are high you’ll have to put a new roof on your house at one time or another. Different roofs have different durabilities, so it may be a long time before you realize you need to put in a new roof. If your roof is old, leaking, or simply looks worse for the wear, it may be time to replace it.

However, roofing can be dangerous. Being that high off the ground doing anything is hazardous. Roofing presents its own set of dangers. When you are putting in a new roof, follow these tips to protect your health and safety.

Roofing Safety Tips

  1. Don’t roof alone. If all goes well, you will get through replacing your roof with no incidents. However, if something bad does happen, you may find yourself incapacitated. Falling off a roof while working alone means you could be stuck on the ground for hours, perhaps seriously injured. Failing to receive medical help after a bad fall can have serious consequences for your long term health. Always have somebody with you when you’re installing roofing to make sure you have help if you need it.
  1. Wear a harness. Proper safety equipment is extremely important when roofing. A harness is one of the best investments you can make in your safety. If you slip while roofing, your harness catches you, preventing you from falling to the ground. Even if your home isn’t very tall, a fall from the roof can cause a bad injury. A harness will protect you.
  1. Never walk on a wet roof. A common reason for needing to replace your home’s roof is storm damage. Storms are hard on roofs, particularly the big storms in Oklahoma. If you need to replace your roof after a storm, always wait until the roof is fully dry. Walking on a wet roof is an easy way to slip off. The wet leaves often thrown onto roofs following a storm can also be very slippery.
  1. Place ladders properly. Ladders are necessary and useful tools for roofing. However, and improperly placed ladder is extremely dangerous. Always adhere to proper ladder safety when roofing. Place your ladder on a level, secure surface. If the ladder is on a softer surface, like grass or dirt, dig grooves into the ground to place the ladder’s legs. If you’re on a deck, place a board behind the ladder to prevent it from slipping. If possible, have somebody hold the ladder while you climb it. While on a ladder, do not lean too far to one side. While it’s tempting to avoid climbing back down and moving the ladder, having the ladder in the wrong place causes falls.


The number one best way to prevent accidents while roofing is to pay attention. Don’t step somewhere without looking first to ensure it’s safe. Keep your eyes on your work and avoid distractions. Use common sense. With the proper care and consideration, you can replace the roof on your home without incident.


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Navigating Your Child’s Mental Healthcare Access in College

Posted By: on January 30, 2015

You might do most of your worrying for your kids when they’re little and still live at home, but sending them off to college comes with its own set of surprising worries. According to Emory University, there are more than 1,000 suicides on college campuses every year in the United States. With such startling statistics, it’s important to ensure your college student’s mental health is taken care of during their college years.

Before They Attend College

Regardless of whether your child has an existing mental health disorder, it can help alleviate any worries when you know what mental health services are available to students. If your student has an existing disorder, contact the counseling center to see what services they offer and any associated costs. Do they have a cap on how many sessions a student can attend per year? Are there specialists available and a psychiatrist on staff? Talking to the center will also answer other important questions like how you’ll be contacted in the event your child provides any concern to counseling staff.

Once They’re Accepted Into College

Once your child has chosen a college, you can really buckle down and check into their mental health services. The first step is being completely honest on their medical history forms. These forms will be given to any mental health staff at the college and can provide pertinent information should your child require any counseling services. If they’re already being treated for mental health conditions, have all of their records transferred to the campus counseling center. Since you won’t be present on campus every day, check into parental resources. Most colleges have online resources for professional contacts, guides, and campus parental advisory councils.

What If Your Child Is Already in College?

When your college student has been away from home for a few years, it can be hard for them to reach out to you if there are problems. College students face a lot of the same pressures that high school students do, like bullying and peer pressure. According to Fitness by the Sea, a day camp program that strongly discourages bullying, cliques can occur at any age and change the behavior of your child. Keep communication open with your child and recognize the signs of emotional disorders. If your child doesn’t have a history of mental illness, it’s important to realize that mental disorders can appear for the first time during the college years. If you’re noticing different behavior, encourage them to go to the counseling center. If they refuse, know who to contact so they can check on your child and provide them with any necessary help.

You never stop worrying about your child, wondering if they’re getting enough sleep, eating the right foods, or driving with their seat belts on. As they get older, your concerns never lessen, and that includes their mental health. College is a huge transitional period and can lead to a variety of changes. Luckily, colleges understand this and have plenty of resources to help you and your child navigate the college experience.


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5 Instances to Use Heat for Physical Therapy

Posted By: on January 29, 2015

Many people have different points of view when it comes to using heat or ice on injuries or sore areas of the body. In reality, both of these temperature variations have very different purposes. In some instances, using the wrong temperature could actually make the problem worse and create additional pain or discomfort. When is it a good time to apply heat rather than cold?

Stiff Knees

When joints stiffen, physical movement can become quite difficult. Determining which temperature to use on the knees can be tricky at times. If your knees swell up from exertion, using cold before the heating pad can numb the area while reducing the swelling. Heat is used to reduce joint stiffness and muscle spasms which can be beneficial if your activity doesn’t cause inflammations. Although studies show that heat helps resolve swelling, cold is still one of the best courses of actions to take against inflammations.

Muscle Tightness

Millions of people experience a tightening of the muscles on a regular basis. This is especially true for those that are just starting to exercise or weight train. According to the editors of Pure Health MD, heat promotes relaxation of the muscles alleviating the soreness from being stiff. This is often the case in jobs requiring physical labor. A heating pad could be a more reliable method of treatment than many prescription medications in this situation.

Relaxing the Feet

Soaking the foot can be relaxing after a hard day of walking around. However, you need to be certain that your feet are merely sore and not injured. According to this post, soaking your feet in hot water after an injury can make the problem worse. You should ice an injured foot as it reduces swelling. If your feet are simply tired from standing all day long, then a warm soak may be the perfect way to relax.

Arthritis Pain

Heat and cold work for relieving various forms of arthritis. As heat will dilate the blood vessels and stimulate circulation, the body’s own healing abilities can help reduce the pain as enhanced blood flow is allowed to the area. You can do this with heating pads or dipping your hands in warm water for five to ten minutes. However, you may want to use cold first if there is evident swelling of the afflicted joints. Once the swelling has gone down, heat may be used to promote continued healing.

Abscesses and Infections

Heat is often used in the treatment of infections and skin abscesses as it promotes drainage and healing. Although heat can be beneficial for pain control and removing the abscess from the skin, you may want to consider using antibiotics or other medications to promote a quicker recovery.

You can quickly make any painful situation better if you know which to apply, cold or heat. These temperatures can help in various complications ranging from headaches to back spasms. If you’d rather not take prescription pills and would want to consider a more holistic approach to dealing with pain, take a closer look at what the right temperature can do for you.


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Craft Beer, Ken Grossman, and the Rise of a New Industry

Posted By: on January 28, 2015

From the United Kingdom to the United States, craft beer continues to rise in popularity as billions of dollars pour into what was once a small sub-segment of the industry. In the United States alone, craft beer sales now make up around 14.3 percent, or roughly $14 billion, of the $100 billion beer market.

What’s even more incredible about the rise of craft beer is that sales have increased by 17.2 percent, when overall beer sales have declined by nearly two percent. This shocking statistic shows that craft beer is no longer just a niche segment, but an industry of its own.

Money Talks

Just ask Ken Grossman, the founder and owner of the Sierra Nevada Brewing Company, about whether he thinks the craft beer industry should be taken seriously. He recently became the world’s newest billionaire and can tell you about the promising future of this lucrative art.

Started in 1979 as a bit of a hobby or side project — a byline that’s frequently shared by successful companies in this industry — Grossman and his good friend, Paul Camusi, began brewing in their homes. After receiving positive feedback from friends and family, they expanded and paved the way for a new industry.

While Grossman and his comrades can’t take all the credit for the rise of craft beer, they have played a part and will continue to do so. In an interview published in Beer Connoisseur Magazine, Grossman said, “We’re going to continue to push boundaries, it is part of who we are.”

Sea to Shining Sea

In a country as diverse as the United States, it’s rare to find something that catches on quite like craft beer. From Chico, California (home to Sierra Nevada) to Brooklyn, New York (Brooklyn Brewery), Americans everywhere are clamoring to get their hands on the next big thing. Last October, 49,000 people filed into the Colorado Convention Center for the Great American Beer Festival. Pre-sale tickets sold out within 32 minutes and more than 700 breweries fought their way inside to represent their newest brews.

When asked about the popularity of craft beer and the Great American Beer Festival’s recent success Grossman stated, “Craft brewers have really changed the dynamic of brewing in this country and even globally.” No longer are brewers focused on reproducing the same classic taste that previous generations enjoyed sipping. Today’s beer game is all about producing new brews that meet the evolving tastes of the country’s newest connoisseurs.

Over the next five years, research firm IBISWorld predicts the industry will grow at around seven percent per year. In a time when other breweries and beer companies are experiencing only moderate success, these strides are something to take seriously.

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